Review: Outer Banks Season 3


Zoe Cerna, Staff Writer

*WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Outer Banks Season 3. 

I think that most people can agree that the show Outer Banks is one of the most popular shows in 2023. The show is about five teenagers named JJ, Pope, Kiara, Sarah and John B, who are looking for lost treasure. There are many other people who are after the lost treasure as well. There are two groups: the Kooks and the Pogues. The Kooks are the rich side of the OBX and the Pogues are the poor side of OBX. These two groups do not like each other. The main characters are all Pogues except for Sarah and Kiara. Right after Netflix came out with season 2 of OBX, everyone was waiting for season 3.

Season 3 of Outer Banks received mixed reviews. My personal opinion about the season is that it was okay. There were a lot of plot twists in the season. A couple of things that I  liked about the season was how JJ and Kie finally kissed and got together. I have been waiting for this for the longest time. I also liked how they showed how Sarah’s father, Ward, was trying to change to get his daughter back. Another thing that I liked about OBX season 3 is how they made Topper become a better person because in previous seasons he wasn’t represented as the best character.

There were many things that I really did not like and that really bothered me. One thing that I couldn’t stand is that they brought back John B’s dad. This is fine, but then they had the audacity to make him so selfish and only care about finding the lost treasure. He even was going to let his son John B die just because he wanted the gold so badly. This made me so frustrated. How can you almost sacrifice your son for a piece of gold? John B’s dad was very rude to Sarah in the beginning because she is the daughter of Ward, who tried to kill him, which in my opinion is wrong. Just because her father made bad choices doesn’t mean she is going to do them too. Another thing that I also dislike is how Ward died. I know, I know – Ward is the bad guy. He was starting to change for his daughter and he sacrificed himself for her. This scene made me very emotional because he really cared for Sarah and his family and wanted to show Sarah he was different. The last thing that I disliked about OBX season 3 is how they left us on a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode, like what?! I was so mad when that happened, now we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for OBX season 4. 

This season definitely had it’s high and low points. I would recommend this show to anyone who is into mysteries, drama, romance and comedy shows. However, I wouldn’t recommend this to people who can’t handle disturbing scenes or language. I also think that the series is for a mature group. The content may not be acceptable for children under 13.  Overall, OBX season 3 was filled with twists and turns. . This show isn’t for everyone, but in my opinion, it is one of the best shows out there.