2023-2024 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Isabella DeCunzo Co-President See Isabella DeCunzo’s profile
See Isabella DeCunzo’s profile
Erin Lynch Co-President See Erin Lynch’s profile
See Erin Lynch’s profile
Stephanie Lynch Secretary See Stephanie Lynch’s profile
See Stephanie Lynch’s profile
Zain Tariq Staff Writer See Zain Tariq’s profile
See Zain Tariq’s profile
Sarah O'Moore Staff Writer See Sarah O'Moore’s profile
See Sarah O'Moore’s profile
Ms. Perrone Faculty Advisor See Ms. Perrone’s profile
See Ms. Perrone’s profile
Olivia Price Student Writer See Olivia Price’s profile
See Olivia Price’s profile
Shannon Mahoney Student Writer See Shannon Mahoney’s profile
See Shannon Mahoney’s profile
Eva Lam Student Writer See Eva Lam’s profile
See Eva Lam’s profile
Edison Guilbert Student Writer See Edison Guilbert’s profile
See Edison Guilbert’s profile
Kylie Curtis Student Writer See Kylie Curtis’s profile
See Kylie Curtis’s profile
Sofia Ferkov Student Writer See Sofia Ferkov’s profile
See Sofia Ferkov’s profile
Olivia Yagnisis Vice President See Olivia Yagnisis’s profile
See Olivia Yagnisis’s profile
Elyssa Maffetone Student Writer See Elyssa Maffetone’s profile
See Elyssa Maffetone’s profile
Maurice Knight Student Writer See Maurice Knight’s profile
See Maurice Knight’s profile
Eileen Harvey Student Writer See Eileen Harvey’s profile
See Eileen Harvey’s profile
Mary Lisondra Student Writer See Mary Lisondra’s profile
See Mary Lisondra’s profile
Gabriella Schaefer Student Writer See Gabriella Schaefer’s profile
See Gabriella Schaefer’s profile
Caroline Cronin Student Writer See Caroline Cronin’s profile
See Caroline Cronin’s profile
Zoe Cerna Student Writer See Zoe Cerna’s profile
See Zoe Cerna’s profile
Joseph Romano Student Writer See Joseph Romano’s profile
See Joseph Romano’s profile
Johnna Rodriguez Student Writer See Johnna Rodriguez’s profile
See Johnna Rodriguez’s profile

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