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Law of Attraction: A Look into the Psychology of it all


For those unaware, the Law of Attraction is the spiritual understanding that positive thoughts bring positive things in your life and negative thoughts bring negative things in your life. For example, by speaking into the world you have money, money will in turn come to you in some way shape or form.

On the flip side, if you don’t believe that you are worthy of living your dream life, then it simply cannot happen. If you don’t love yourself, it is going to be so much more difficult for you to find love from others. It will be difficult to love others as well. You cannot expect other people to determine that you worthy of great things if you don’t feel it yourself. Confidence is the first step to all great things. Once you deem yourself worthy, then others will deem you worthy as well. If you act like you are going to live your goal of a life, then you will eventually live up to those goals and aspirations, but this goes the other way as well.

When you are told your entire life to never share your accomplishments, it inevitably fosters a fate of insecurity. When you don’t recognize your accomplishments publicly, the accomplishments you have seem to go on the back burner. It is normal to talk and complain about your weak points, but it is not socially acceptable to talk about your strong points.

Subconsciously, when you are constantly talking about your negative qualities then you start to ignore your positive qualities. An example of this in school is when you get a good grade on a test/assignment you probably won’t even think twice about it, but when you get a bad grade it may be all you think about and it may even determine your self-worth. Or think about it in terms of gender: as a woman, we are constantly expected to talk and think down on ourselves to be “humble.” Feeding into this cycle of self-hatred only attracts negative things in our life. When someone is secure in who they are and sure they are worthy of good things, good things naturally come to them.

If you start to treat yourself the way you would treat yourself if you accomplished every single thing on your bucket list, you will be able to achieve every single thing on your bucket list. For so many things, having the confidence to go for it is half the battle. Even if you aren’t confident, if you treat yourself like you are eventually you will be. True confidence and self esteem isn’t something someone can just take away from you, it is something you can use in every aspect of your life forever. If you treat yourself and others like you are worthy, everyone will believe that you are. It is so important to never speak down on yourself because you can accomplish so much if you just believe in yourself.

Imagine your dream life, within reason, and think about it. Think about how you would act if you achieved it. Now make that your reality on a day-to-day basis. Act as if you already got that promotion, you already aced that test, and act as if you already are living your dream life because before you know it, you won’t be acting anymore!



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