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The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
Eileen Harvey, Student Writer • May 12, 2024
Poetry Corner: A Longing for Summer
Poetry Corner: "A Longing for Summer"
Claire Harvey, Student Writer • May 12, 2024

Dogs: Are They Worth the Work?

Dogs: Are They Worth the Work?

Dogs are great pets, and hence named man’s best friend. Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not to become a pet owner, but I’m going to tell you about mine, and it may help you decide to adopt your own furry best friend.

Friendliness: Some dogs can be kind of iffy at first, but when you get to know them and love them, they can be your friends forever! It’s important to remember that some “meaner” dogs have bad pasts. As sad as it sounds, some dogs are even abused,  so they might be more shy to humans. But with enough time, care, and love, a dog can be your trusted companion. The personality of the dog could also affect how kind it is. Some dogs like to be taken on walks, while some are just kind of lazy. Some could even sit on your lap (not such a good thing with big dogs).

Breeds: There are many different types of dogs; these are called breeds. The breed can indicate a lot, including their size, the color of the fur, length of the fur, etc. There are all kinds of breeds, and some can even be mixed. Mixed are kind of just a combination of both of their parents. My dog is mixed. It’s important to research dog breeds to figure out which type of dog would best fit your family’s lifestyle.

Playing: Some dogs like different things to play with. Some like throwing, some like toys, some like sticks. But most dogs like playing, just to release their energy, or to have fun, etc. You need to make sure you have time built into your day to play with your dog so he’s not stuck at home bored.

Feeding: Some dogs have different tastes in food; for example, some dogs may like chicken, or beef, or pork, or anything. They should not normally get human food. Treats should also be used for positive reinforcement.

Dogs are great and different breeds could fit different people and personalities. If you ever think of getting a dog, make sure you do your research ahead of time, and then take care of your pet correctly!

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