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The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
Eileen Harvey, Student Writer • May 12, 2024
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The Evolution of Coachella Fashion


Coachella is an annual music festival that is held in Indio, California. It started in 1999 and has become an incredible way to bring artists from all around the world together. An increasingly large part of Coachella throughout the years is the fashion. Artists typically wear very dressed up outfits that can be described as their own style, but elevated to something they would not wear on a daily basis. 

In the beginning years of Coachella, fashion was not as large of a component. People still dressed up though, with popular choices being a simple dress, crop top, or just a simple outfit paired with trending accessories.

Around the mid-late 2000’s as social media became big, fashion became a larger aspect of Coachella. Trends such as statement accessories, “bohemian” style, denim, and more outgoing, abstract outfits became popular during this time at Coachella. Some artists with memorable outfits include Kate Bosworth and Vannessa Hudgens with the “bohemian” style, Nicole Richie with vintage pieces combined with trending pieces, creating  a unique look, and Rihanna wearing bold outfits, presenting her current music and personality. 

Recently, the concept of wearing outgoing outfits to Coachella has grown. This year, there have been many notable outfits from celebrities that people have been talking about. A few examples are Charli D’amelio with a very new style than her typical outfits, Doja Cat with a shaggy fur set, and Sabrina Carpenter with a pale blue minidress paired with a vintage leather jacket.

To conclude, Coachella has evolved over the years from a simple music festival, to a place where many fashion statements, capturing creativity and individuality are made. Overall, Coachella is an incredible place where music, culture, and diversity can be spread.

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Eileen Harvey, Student Writer
Introducing Eileen. She is a freshman and this is her first year writing for The Gull. She enjoys volleyball, fashion, and loves Taylor Swift. She hopes to have a great first year of writing for The Gull, and hopes to do it for the rest of high school too!

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