What’s Flying in Our Skies?


Joseph Romano, Staff Writer

As you have seen, there have been numerous recent encounters with objects flying over the United States and Canada. What are these objects doing? Do you think they are grabbing intel for countries like Russia and China, or do you think they are trying to hack into our networks to steal necessary military documented information? This whole issue is a big blur to us civilians as well as the Pentagon. No one really knows what they are doing here.

The first object was a huge balloon crafted by China, which started out in Montana near a bunch of very important military bases, including a nuclear construction base designated for gaining intel on nuclear bombs as well as nuclear power plants. This 200-foot tall balloon was soaring the skies for about a week until it made its way over to North Carolina, where the Pentagon and President Biden told the military to shoot it down. This balloon was flying at over 60,000 feet, but was also carrying explosive devices so it could blow itself up. Did China really think it would take the strongest country in the world that long to shoot it down? What were their plans for the explosives?

After the air force shot it down, they had officials go and collect debris to figure out what this object really was. This particular time was one of three objects that have been seen and taken down within a week and a half. The military had sighted another object above Alaska, which was very similar to the first one, and immediately they sent the military to shoot it down. As of Saturday February 11th, the Prime Minister of Canada had another sighting over their territory, and they had given American fighter pilots the go ahead to come into their territory to shoot it down. Why all of sudden has this been happening? It’s one after another. But the one over Alaska and Canada was not considered a balloon. The military said there could be the possibility of some sort of UFO. The pilots who served this mission told officials that what they saw was like nothing they had ever seen before. This object blocked some of the plane’s radars and even glitched their radar by showing a second object, even though there was only one above Alaska and Canada.

Personally, I believe that the one from China, which their leader said was just a surveillance device, is a lie. I think it is a surveillance camera to spy on us. China tried to buy a piece of land by one of our major military bases. I wonder for what reasons? I think that China, as of now, is possibly plotting something. Could the other two unidentified objects be from Russia? The objects were close to the direction of where Russia is and it could be a possibility. As of February 11th, the Chinese government said Saturday that President Biden’s decision to shoot down the spy balloon that crossed America was an “excessive reaction” and that it “retains the right to respond further.” (Donley).

As of now we don’t know what these objects entail and hopefully military leaders start searching for evidence and make sure these aren’t signs of threats to the start of an even bigger issue. This issue is something that should be taken seriously. What do you think these objects were meant for? Do you believe the government is telling us the full truth about what is actually happening?