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The Stanley Pandemonium


What’s a Stanley?

The surplus of individuals of all ages carrying around a seemingly too-large tumbler has not gone unnoticed. Stanley cups have taken the internet by storm, some selling for hundreds of dollars on resale platforms. There are numerous similar cheaper massive drinking cups within the market; but what’s so great about these tumblers? Stanley cups have been around for over a century, but started gaining attention in the past few years for their “Quencher” tumbler; a representative for Stanley told, “In 2022, there was a 275% increase in sales of the Quencher year over year, and U.S. sales of all sizes of the tumbler were up 751% in the year to date.”

Stanley’s has since evolved from just a water bottle to a collector’s item and even a fashion accessory, with the trending hashtag #StanleyTumbler on TikTok and Instagram. It can be seen that social media has played a great role in the marketing and credibility of this brand. For instance, in November 2023 a lady’s car caught on fire, yet her Stanley cup remained intact—and nevertheless still had ice in it. The video gathered over 92 million views and the corporation’s president even offered to grant her a new car. 

What’s going on?

Consequently, if you are on social media you surely saw the hype of Target’s newly introduced limited edition “Galentine’s Collection”. Within this Target-exclusive collection, Stanley introduces two new limited edition colors: Cosmo Pink & Target Red. There are a considerable number of online videos of people scrambling outside of Target as early as 3 am on December 31st to get their hands on the exclusive colors. This Stanley frenzy was additionally seen in stores as well with people reportedly trampling and pushing to secure this prestigious tumbler for themselves. Users in the comments shared their opinions on the situation, which included “I love Stanley, but I will not do this for a cup” and “All for a Stanley?” Briefly after being released, they sold out both in stores and online. 

Starbucks Stanley too?

Following, another Stanley chaos broke out at Target, which is not to be confused with the Valentine’s Day cups. On January 3rd, 2024, the vast coffee chain Starbucks collaborated with Stanley to celebrate the release of their winter menu. The new color “Winter Pink” was the new sensation with various parallels being seen between this color and the previously discussed “Galentine’s Collection” tumblers. For instance, the cups were Target exclusive as well, only sold at Starbucks stores within Target.

Where to Get One?

Starbucks has provided an update, however the outlook looks bleak. reports that despite Starbucks receiving “an enthusiastic response,” the tumblers “will not be restocked.” Although not specified why, it can be assumed it is because part of the hype and demand comes from scarcity. Additionally, it is unknown if Target will restock its “Galentines Collection” before the holiday. If you are looking to grow your Stanley collection, I would look for other cups unless you have at least $250 to buy the beloved Quenchers off resale platforms such as Mecari and eBay. 

So what’s your opinion? Are Stanley Cups the rising epitome of fashion and hydration in one metal cup?


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