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The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
The Evolution of Coachella Fashion
Eileen Harvey, Student Writer • May 12, 2024
Poetry Corner: A Longing for Summer
Poetry Corner: "A Longing for Summer"
Claire Harvey, Student Writer • May 12, 2024

Future Shifting into Reality: Apple Vision Pro

Future Shifting into Reality: Apple Vision Pro

Since 2008 when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, Apple has been the face of revolutionary technology. Some have even started joking that daily appliances will soon become “i” devices. In reality, the closest Apple has gotten to this is with the release of the Apple Watch and Airpods. However, on February 2nd 2024, Apple changed the game when its CEO decided to debut their long-awaited Apple Vision Pro, allowing Apple to officially enter the prosperous virtual reality market. 

Stemming from the release, critics have begun to share their thoughts on the new device. Some believe that the world is shifting towards a dreaded dystopian future. Furthermore, people are going to the extent of stating the new device marks the transition of our reality to that of the Netflix and Prime series, Black Mirror.

What is Vision OS?

Within this device, Apple is using the world’s first spatial operating system titled Vision OS to create a “revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world.” While using this interface, users are able to control the apps and windows on the device using eye movements, hand gestures, and voice control. Additionally, using this method of control, users are able to easily manipulate the interface to fit and occupy any free virtual space.

3D Camera?

The Apple Vision Pro is additionally Apple’s first 3D camera, allowing the users to take and relive captured moments as if they were occurring. Utilizing all space, using the device users are able to feel as though they are standing within the captured moment. Furthermore, spatial photos and videos can be imported from the iPhone 15 with the same effect.

Immersive Aspect

The Apple Vision Pro harbors new levels of immersion that existing virtual reality technology doesn’t. In contrast, users of the Vision Pro are not limited to only seeing the fully immersed virtual reality environment, which is the case with existing technology. Specifically, the device can be adjusted to view just the virtual reality environment or to see the 3D virtual world while simultaneously seeing the outside world. This is especially significant, as it allows the users to go about their daily errands while using the product. This has resulted in many unsettling dystopian images of users wearing large headsets seemingly tapping in the air. 

Fear of the Unknown

It can be seen in many shows described as “futuristic” depict extremely integrated technologies similar to that of the Apple Vision Pro. This new device, although expensive, marks the start of virtual reality morphing into reality.


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