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Senior Spotlight: Jehanie Jacquet

Senior Spotlight: Jehanie Jacquet
Perrone, Sara

Introducing Jehanie Jacquet, a well-rounded and committed senior from the class of 2024! She’s made many memories and friends along her time at East Rockaway High School. From both academics to extracurriculars, she makes the best of the senior experience with enthusiasm. Her friendliness and amiability make her a respected classmate in the school. Jehanie hopes to make more connections and create lasting memories during her final year. After high school, she wishes to accomplish many of her life long goals!

Get to know Jehanie a little more! 

What have been your favorite classes? 

 “My favorite classes have been AP Biology + Physics in eleventh grade, and AP Physics + AP Calculus now in my senior year.” 

Who/what motivated or inspired you the most during your time in ERHS? 

“This is a hard question lol. I don’t really have one person, but instead many different people from different points of my high school life. There was Sheva, inspiring me to let go and be kind, Sarah-Kate, who showed me just how fun friendships can be, my physics teacher, Mr. Palermo, who challenged my mind in class. Who knew problem solving could be so fun? His class taught me to remain curious. Mrs. Pietrantonio who inspired me to allow myself to geek out over whatever excites me, even if it’s weird or unconventional. Some people taught me to not let pride cloud my mind. Others have taught me to not sit and tolerate everything thrown in my face. Last but not least, Mrs. Falvo, who inspired me to write, and she is a great writer to look up to!”

“What are your career goals?”

“I love this question! I want to be a pathologist. I’m also thinking of going into physics before I get there.”

If you had to pick one song to describe your time at ERHS, what would it be and why? 

“This is too hard. I know too many songs and there are too many themes of my time at ERHS. Maybe ‘Miracle Baby” by Mavi, “Stop! Worry” by Mike, “Kill Switch” by Navy Blue, “Heavenly Father” by Isaiah Rashad, or “Try And Your Try” by Cleo Sol. Maybe all of them.” 

Looking back, if you had the chance to change anything throughout your high school career, what would it be and why? 

“I would have either learned to not be so shy and reserved, or try out for volleyball in ninth grade. Those are just some things I regret not doing to this day.”

What advice do you have for next year’s seniors?

Don’t skip out on things. Go to everything. Even if you’re bad at something, or it’s a little weird, just do it. Go to those football games, try out for that sport, go to those social events. Talk to people you never thought of talking to. Ask out that one person you’ve had on your mind, but also don’t rush to get into something with someone. Don’t let the fears of risks hold you back, just have fun.”

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