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Why the Holidays are my Favorite Time of Year


Most people choose the holidays as their favorite time of year, and it’s for a number of good reasons: the presents, the delicious holiday food, getting to hang out with friends, sleeping in every morning, and especially, no school. But I feel that sometimes people overlook some of the special things that the holiday times offer. The holidays are very precious and special to me, and not because of the reasons most people would think. 

One reason why the holidays are my favorite time of the year is because it’s the time where everyone gives back to one another. During this time people and many schools hold food drives, clothing drives, and Toys for Tots. Many schools collect over a hundred items for these drives.  I love being able to see everyone come together and contribute during this time of the year to help people in need. It really touches my heart because I see a lot of people that are going through a hard time and not being able to afford food and clothing. During this time of year, I also see many families that are in need, and many parents struggling to make the holidays a very special time for their children.  Knowing that my school and people I know are contributing to help these people makes me look forward to the holidays every year. 

Another reason why the holidays are my favorite time of the year is because I get to become closer with my family members. During this time, my family and I love to do many activities together, such as making gingerbread houses, have a cookie decorating contest, and going to get our Christmas tree. I am very close with my family as it is, but during this time we become even closer because we appreciate our company even more. I feel like we get a certain spark during this time with my family, and I learn new things every year about them that I did not know before. 

My final reason on why the holidays are my favorite time of the year is because I get to experience new things. Every year during this time there is always something new that is happening in the world that I get to attend. One year I went to NYC to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Another year I went to a tree lighting in Lynbrook that I didn’t even know existed. You might be thinking that these aren’t new things, but they are for me because I have never seen them.  These experiences brought a bundle of joy for me. I always look forward to going to new places and making memories with the people I love. 

As you can see, the holidays are special for many reasons. Everyone has their own reasons why the holidays are their favorite time of the year, like the time off from school, lack of homework, etc. But my reasons are way different from everyone else and are dear to my heart.

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Zoe Cerna
Zoe Cerna, Student Writer
Zoe Cerna is a sophomore this year and an active member of The Gull. This is her second year writing for The Gull newspaper. She loves cheerleading, reading, the show Riverdale, and spending time with family and friends. She is a very determined person about all aspects of life.

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