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New Game Day Cheer Competition In Long Island 


Just this year, athletic departments across Long Island created a new way of growing all cheerleading programs. They created a new competition called “Game Day Cheerleading” where all schools are eligible to compete. This competition consists of a 2 to 3 minute routine with a band dance, 2 cheers and then a final dance. You have to be spiriting at all times and constantly moving to show your energy and excitement. It’s a real workout, but the team has been having the best time. Here in East Rockaway, we were able to compete in 3 game day cheer competitions throughout the season, and let me tell you, it was amazing. In my opinion, I think that this new game day competition has been a fantastic opportunity for the cheerleading program in East Rockaway because we have been able to build a name for ourselves.

I asked some of East Rockaway Junior Senior High School faculty members (coaches, administrators, and teachers) what they think about the new game day cheerleading competition. Here are some responses: 

Patricia Refino

Mrs Refino, Head Varsity Coach and Teacher: “ Game Day cheerleading competitions have created an amazing opportunity for cheerleaders throughout NYS! Different from traditional cheer competitions, this new style places more emphasis on clean performances with simple skills. This has helped to establish a stronger foundation in basic skills which will help every cheerleader get ready for traditional winter comp cheer.”

Mr. Gregory, East Rockaway Athletic Director: “ I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for our cheerleaders. For a long time, they have felt as if people viewed them as a club and not as a team. By attending competitions, they get to showcase all their hard work and multiple skills, plus they show off ROCK pride! The game day cheer also builds a foundation for our competitive cheerleading team in the winter, where they are attending competitions and facing off against multiple competitors. I am proud of the team as they improved by 19 points from their first competition!”

Dr. Krauz, Assistant Principal and Megafan of ERHS cheer: “I think it is awesome that they added game day cheer as a specific event in  competitive cheer because so much of what cheer does is to support the teams. And to recognize  specific routines that highlight school spirit, and not just the acrobatics of cheerleading, really brings an overall quality to cheer and competition.”

Mrs. Perrone, Former Cheer Coach and Teacher: “ I’m thrilled to see more cheer opportunities on Long Island. Coming from Virginia where cheerleading has long been respected as a sport, it’s great to see Long Island move in a better direction and to give its cheerleaders more exposure. Go Rocks!”

So as you can see, Game Day Cheerleading is a very great way to build the cheerleading program here in East Rockaway and all over Long Island. We’re building foundational skills and proving to people that we aren’t a “club,” but a sport that should be treated as such.  Go Rocks!!!

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Zoe Cerna
Zoe Cerna, Student Writer
Zoe Cerna is a sophomore this year and an active member of The Gull. This is her second year writing for The Gull newspaper. She loves cheerleading, reading, the show Riverdale, and spending time with family and friends. She is a very determined person about all aspects of life.

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