World Series Outcome


Joseph Romano

Wow, did you watch the World Series this year? It didn’t go the way that I wanted it to, but it was definitely expected since Houston has an amazing team.This World Series win now signifies the Astros into the “Club” with multiple World Series wins. The Astros now have two World Series championships, while the Phillies have two as well, but their last win was in 2008 and the Astros’ was in 2017.

The first game of the World Series was interesting from the Phillies being down by 5 runs but coming back after multiple hits. The Phillies came back to tie it and this game went all the way into the 10th inning. Fortunately J.T. Realmuto hit a go-ahead home run, giving the Phillies the lead 6-5 in the top of the 10th. The Phillies won the first game of the series. After the first game, it all went downhill for the Phillies. Game 2 was also in Philadelphia, but unfortunately, the Astros won that game 5-2, tying the series 1-1. The third game of the series was a big game for the Astros and the Phillies. The Astros had Lance McUllers, Jr. pitch, which wasn’t the best idea. He gave up 5 home runs, which is part of the all-time record for giving up home runs in a World Series game. Thankfully game three the Phillies won 7-0, absolutely destroying the Astros. Even though the Phillies completely dominated in game 3, the Astros came back for game 4. The Astros completely dominated the Phillies with the score of 5-0. But the worst part about that is that they had a no-hitter against the Phillies, which is really humiliating. The Astros had 10 hits while the Phillies had 0. Unfortunately when this happened, everyone knew the season was done for the Phillies. The Astros won game 5 with a score of 3-2. They also won game 6 with a score of 4-1, which completed the series and the accomplishment of the World Series Title. The Astros are a very good team, ranging from their power, to their offense and defense. The Astros are truly just unstoppable, which is hard for me to say since my favorite team, the Yankees, is in the same division as the Astros.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching this World Series, but I hope next year is a way different outcome for both divisions. I would like to see maybe the Yankees and even the Dodgers in the World Series, or even a Subway Series.

What were your thoughts about the World Series? Did you predict the outcome, or would you have preferred a different outcome?