The NBA All-Star Game


Joseph Romano, Staff Writer

Due to the insane dunks and crazy high scoring game, watching the NBA All-Star game was a lot of fun.  It was definitely a different experience due to there being no fans, but it was cool seeing how they improvised. It is always exciting watching the best of the best players play against one another. First, I watched the best shooter, Stephen Curry, take absolutely crazy shots. This was followed by Zion missing many wide open dunks. But overall, you can see that these players were just there to have fun and be able to play with the best players in basketball. Before each All-Star game, there is a shooting, dunk and skills contest. Personally, I enjoy watching the dunk contest since these NBA players perform insane dunks that you would never think of even trying. The winner of the dunk contest was Anfernee Simons, beating Obi Toppin 3-2 in scoring by the judges after the final round.  I believe that if Obi Toppin saved his best dunk for last, he would have had a better chance of winning. The winner of the 3-point contest was, of course, Stephen Curry. He had a score of sixty one and only missed a few of his thirty-five shots. Indiana Pacers’ big man, Domantas Sabonis, won the 2021 Skills Challenge. The event of the night was the All-Star game. It was Team Lebron v. Team Durant. I knew once they announced each team that Team Lebron was going to win. Of course, they did win with a score of 170-150. Even though there weren’t fans screaming and cheering from the stands, I still had fun watching and I’m pretty sure many other basketball fans enjoyed it as well.