“After Life Adventures”

Review of Season One of The Good Life


Francesco Maio, Staff Writer, Secretary

*Warning: Spoilers for Season One!*

When you die, what comes next?  The Good Place is a take on what happens when you die.  It is about a girl named Eleanor Shellstrop and her adventures in the afterlife.  She wakes up in a vague room that has the words “Welcome!  Everything is fine” spelled out in front of her.  Michael, an architect who designed the neighborhood Eleanor lives in inside of the good place, invites her into a room.  He explains that she is dead and is now in a good place.  

But, like with all good TV, there’s a twist.  He tells her that while she did amazing things as a humanitarian and a death row lawyer, she also did horrible things with her time on earth.  Michael takes her to her house, still unaware of his mistake, and she meets her soulmate, Chidi Anagonye, and she tells him about who she really is.  He manages to keep it a secret and furthermore, helps her become a better person by teaching her the ethics and values she never felt during her time alive.

Over time, Eleanor starts to help out when things go wrong and even starts to put other people first.  She meets Tahani Al Jamil and her soulmate Jianyu, a Buddest monk.  Eleanor struggles to be kind after meeting Tahani, but she uses what Chidi taught her and she grows.  And right as all is going well, Eleanor receives a note saying “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!” along with a cryptic demand to go to the center of town.  She finds Jianyu waiting for her and it turns out the Jianyu the monk is secretly Jason Mandoza!  Jason also didn’t belong.  And yet again, Chidi started teaching ethics; but now he’s teaching Eleanor AND Jason.  Jason struggles to keep his true identity a secret and Eleanor and Chidi have to cover for him in public AND with his soulmate Tahani.  

Soon enough, Tahani catches Jason and now, together, they keep each other’s secrets and Chidi teaches everyone ethics.  Soon enough, these four enlist the help of Janet, a robot like creature that has been there serving their every need.  Things start getting out of hand, and their secrets are getting close to being revealed to all.  What other secrets are waiting for the rest of season one?  What lies ahead in seasons two all the way to four?  Will all go well for Eleanor and Jason?  Go watch The Good Place on Netflix now!