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Kids at Sephora: Harmless Mischief or Harmful Messaging?


Recent videos all over TikTok have shown kids as young as nine years old shopping and spending more time at Sephora. While shopping for a little lip gloss may seem like a harmless activity for a fourth graders, sadly many of these kids have been caught ruining makeup testers, opening products (for products that should be sealed), and spending hundreds of dollars on trendy items. These so-called “Sephora kids” are causing mass chaos and destruction in this popular beauty store, often being rude to employees and pushing/harassing other customers in the process.  

What brands and products are they targeting?

Sephora kids have been known to use expensive brands such as Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, Rare Beauty, Sol de Janeiro, and many more. Some specific products they have been going after include as anti-aging serums, polypeptide cream, bronzing drops, Rare Beauty blushes, Glow Recipe toner and dew drops, and Sol De Janeiro’s body mist and B-Hydra serum.

What are they doing to testers?

Sephora kids show no mercy to the testers, making skincare “smoothies” (a mixture of several skincare products of their choice all blended together with a pump) and leaving testers broken and unhygienic. The most common reason why testers get destroyed are these skincare smoothies. Young kids see their favorite influencers making these smoothies at home, and so they are inspired to recreate them in store. The problem is that they are making them at the expense of Sephora, as once their testers are mixed with other items, the testers become “contaminated” and must be replaced.

Why are these kids in Sephora in the first place?

People are wondering why kids decided to start shopping at Sephora in the first place. One answer is that during the pandemic, the role of beauty influencer expanded beyond typical famous stars. Every day teens suddenly became famous on social media while sharing their daily skincare routines, which inspired younger and younger viewers to start adopting their own routines as well. Another reason is that some parents are willing to buy and purchase these products for their children, leading to an increase in sales.

Whether you’re a newbie to skincare or a veteran with a dedicated skincare plan, make sure you do the right thing and treat the products and employees well the next time you’re in Sephora!


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