Saying Goodbye


Gianna Companaro, Co-President

Saying goodbye is never easy, but as one door closes another one opens. Being home for the past few months has given me time to reflect on my four years at East Rockaway High School and the amazing opportunity I had being a part of the East Rockaway Gull.

When I first came into the school in 9th grade, I didn’t really know many people, and I wasn’t really sure what I was interested in pursuing as a future career. After hearing about a meeting after school from fellow classmates, I decided to join. However, I was a bit nervous as writing wasn’t my strong suit in elementary school.

Walking in on the first day was an experience I will never forget. I felt right at home in a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was very kind and open to whatever you wanted to write about. Our advisors Mrs. Parasmo and Mr. Kennedy were always there for us, helping us figure out article ideas and proof reading my work. 

Challenging myself through vigorous AP courses and attending Newspaper meetings gave me the opportunity to expand my writing skills and note my improvement. Additionally, I began utilizing writing as a means for expressing my love of art and writing articles in dedication to the art department.

It was an honor to be a part of this club and serving as a co-president during my senior year. I strongly recommend for students to join. From listening to music, writing together, and enjoying occasional pizza and bagel parties to commemorate our newly released articles, it was such a fun experience!

I will never forget my time with The Gull. Going forward, I hope to continue writing and improving it by challenging myself through college courses and hopefully joining the newspaper club at Adelphi University.