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Winter Wellness : Tips to Maintain Sanity Over The Seasonal Slump 


As the holiday season has come to an end, the only thing people are looking forward to is the summer. Unfortunately, the wait can be grueling, leading many into what’s commonly referred to as a seasonal slump, otherwise known as periods of low mood and decreased energy. While this time of year can certainly take its toll on one’s mental-wellbeing, there are numerous strategies for navigating this seasonal downturn. Instead of merely enduring the wait for warmer days, why not find ways to savor the present moment? Below are tips that have helped me over come the seasonal blues, and they just might do the same for you. 

Soak Up Natural Light 

Serotonin, also known as ‘the happy hormone’, increases when days are longer and nights are shorter. However, during winter months, sunlight can be in short supply, leading to low serotonin levels. To combat this, ensure you make a conscious effort to expose yourself to natural light throughout the day, whether it may be taking a walk or just simply opening your blinds. However, if natural light isn’t always available, consider the following alternative options. 

Set The Scene 

Winter invites us to hibernate and indulge in cozy comforts, but this doesn’t have to mean marinating in a dull atmosphere. Before entering your sanctuary (or room) for the night, take the time to set the scene. Light candles, tidy up your surroundings, and perhaps introduce a soothing diffuser into the mix. Research suggests that a cleaner environment can alleviate stress and enhance productivity. Think of it as ‘romanticizing’ winter—transforming mundane activities like reading into luxurious experiences. Leisure activities such as simply reading have become significantly more fun, as I love setting the scene for it. It’s perfect for a homebody like me. But if you prefer going out and being with friends, keep on reading!

Embrace Winter Festivities 

Many take winter festivities for granted– though snow is not too frequent around the East Rockaway Area, there are still many local activities you can do with your friends. Activities such as ice skating or sledding with friends create so many amazing memories that you simply cannot get during the summer! Not a snow person? Consider visiting different cafes! Drinking authentic hot chocolate during this season is truly unlike any other feeling. You might forget all of these activities after reading this, so I suggest putting together a winter bucket list, filled with activities that celebrate the unique charms of the season. 


You’ll probably agree that these past few months have been quite busy for the staff and students here at East Rockaway with many exams, assignments, sports, and especially the Rock Rivalry season that has just begun. To avoid yourself from spiraling into a burnout, incorporate and prioritize a time for taking care of not only your physical, but mental well-being. Self-care looks different for everyone, so it’s important to find activities that ground you and make you feel good. Whether it might be journaling to express your feelings, pampering yourself up, enhancing your skin-care routine, or my personal favorite– treating yourself to a cozy night with your favorite book or movie, make time for activities that recharge your batteries. The winter season can intensify feelings of loneliness, so it’s essential to be able to enjoy your own company and being your own friend. Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary. 

By adding these tips into your winter routine, you can get back a sense of joy during what might otherwise be a challenging time. Instead of merely enduring the seasonal slump, take the opportunity to embrace the beauty and coziness of winter, taking the most of each moment until the arrival of summer’s warmth.

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