Conor Kelly, Staff Writer

Rock Rivalry was unfortunately shut down back in March 2020 due to COVID concerns while just 6 days away from the entrance performance. In 2021, we had a Rock Rivalry where Quiz Bowl felt disconnected, volleyball was unenthusiastic, and Sports Night was downright boring. Entrance was changed from a live play to a short film, which was cool for a minute, but didn’t last long. Rock Rivalry last year ended with a shocking victory from the Juniors (this year’s seniors), but now Rock Rivalry is in full swing with a full show prepared. Volleyball had limited spectators this year, but was much better than one team and their advisors only. Quiz Bowl was live in the auditorium, which was refreshing, and Sports Night was live with no spectator restrictions! It was great to see so many people come support, and it brought back the sense of community Rock Rivalry brings to the school. Tensions are also very high because there is a very irregular placement of classes this year, with the Juniors leading by 1 point! After all the shows on Friday morning, everybody was very tense and knew what they had to do to bring their grade to the top. In the end, it was the seniors who came out on top, but the juniors followed closely behind! And congratulations to the Freshmen who placed 3rd!

Working on Rock Rivalry this year was what I really wanted to talk about. This was my first real Rock Rivalry, despite putting in all the work freshman year. Getting the chance to work on stand with everyone again was so much fun. We always had people show up who wanted to help on stand, and when we put our heads together, we were able to accomplish building a first place stand. Getting to play music with people who don’t typically get involved in Rock Rivalry was really fun too, because it was a first-time experience for them doing anything with Rock Rivalry, and my first time playing a show on a secondary instrument. I had help in the pit which was greatly appreciated because it was my first time transposing music, which is very difficult. The most important part about Rock Rivalry in my mind, are the rehearsals. Getting together on stage this year was so much fun. There were never ending jokes, bloopers, and just being goofy on stage. I think the sense of community Rock Rivalry brings to the school is what everybody was missing these past 2 years, and it was so exciting to see that brought back. See you next year!