The ERHS Musical is Back!


Rikki Caracciolo, Staff Writer

For the last year and a half, the stage lights remained dim in the Harry Buntington theatre. Concerts, Rock Rivalry, and the musical had all been canceled. But…

With a bang! Crash! And the lightning flash…

ERHS was finally able to put on another production. Into the Woods, Jr.! Bravo! Bravo! Finally, in just about 6 weeks the music department was able to put on the musical. We overcame a variety of challenges such as needing to find a director and figuring out which musical to select. We also weren’t sure if the musical would have to be podcasted like last year’s Rock Rivalry entrance. At one point, we thought we had to write our own script. We even had to push back the original audition dates because we had been put into quarantine the day before. 

We were finally able to have auditions after the holiday break and everyone anxiously waited for the cast list to be posted. 

On March 28th, they finally made the announcement, “The next musical will be Into the Woods, Jr. and the cast list would be posted at 3pm!” Personally, I was ecstatic. I’ve been in musicals since 7th grade. I did stage crew in 7th grade and finally made the ensemble in 8th and 9th grade. I had no background knowledge of Into the Woods, Jr. but I knew if I got in that I would dedicate myself to making sure I was truly fit for my character. By 3PM, my stomach was doing backflips. I finally made it to the cast list and searched for my name. I was given a part! I was casted to be Jack’s mom! I was overjoyed, elated, and euphoric. I would finally be able to do one of the many things I loved after a year and a half. I was going to be able to act. 

We had many great leaders who helped bring this musical together such as Musical Director, Ms. Christina Pace. She was amazing, extremely nice, and encouraged everyone to do their absolute best. Alongside her was Mrs. Salloway, the vocal director. Mr. Ceglio was the pit’s maestro and Ms. Olsen helped build our set. 

We only had six weeks to make a musical. A few cast members had drivers’ education classes and Rock Rivalry was just around the corner, but the show must go on. And it did! We put on three shows:

  • Friday April 8th 7:30pm [opening]
  • Saturday April 9th 1:30pm 
  • Saturday April 7:30pm [closing]

We had an amazing production this year and I’m so glad I was able to experience it. The last show is always so emotional. I cannot wait until next year! 

Congratulations to the cast:

  • Baker : Clare Acuti (11th)
  • Baker’s Wife : Madeline Mistretta (12th)
  • Witch : Julia Walsh (11th)
  • Cinderella: Sofia Valdebenito (12th)
  • Cinderella’s Stepmother : Selin Idik (11th)
  • Cinderella’s Father/Granny : Gabby Schaefer (9th)
  • Florinda : Julia Mannino (8th)
  • Lucinda : Kylie Curtis (9th)
  • Little Red Riding Hood : Megan Acuti (8th)
  • Jack : Paul Lynch (7th)
  • Milky White : Stephanie Lynch (9th)
  • Jack’s Mother : Rikki Caracciolo (11th) (me 😋)
  • Wolf: Isabella DeCunzo (9th)
  • Mysterious Man : Alexis Butler (9th)
  • Steward : Brody Rampula (10th)
  • Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mom : Ava LaVolpe (10th)
  • Cinderella’s Prince: JC Ayestas (11th)
  • Rapunzel’s Prince: JP McCarthy (10th)