Save The Owl House

Isabella DeCunzo

Back in January 2020, before the whole world went crazy, Disney Channel released a new show titled The Owl House. Dana Terrace, the creator, was very excited for what the show had in store. Now us fans are dealing with recent news: Disney has cancelled The Owl House. Their reason is that the show “didn’t fit their brand”. But the reason it doesn’t fit will shock you. Here’s my review on The Owl House and why we need to #savetheowlhouse.

The Owl House follows Luz. She is a regular girl from Connecticut who doesn’t fit in. One day she stumbles upon a portal and is transferred to the demon realm. There she meets Eda, the owl lady, the most powerful witch on the boiling isles. She becomes Luz’s mentor in becoming a witch. She also meets King, a small dog-like creature with a skull on the outside of his head; Willow, a witch forced to do abomination magic when she has a gift for plant magic; and Gus, a talented illusionist who was brought up a few grades due to his amazing power. They go on awesome adventures all of season one. Luz also meets a witch named Amity. She is into getting good grades and her future makes her the complete opposite of luz. She starts season one hating her, but by the end of the season, not only are they close friends but Amity develops a crush on Luz. At the end of season one, the portal breaks and Luz is stuck with no way back to the human realm. 

So far in season two, Luz is trying to figure out how to get home. In episode 2, Amity saves her and she starts to see Amity in a new light. She starts developing a crush too, thus beginning awkward love encounters. Their blushing and stuttering is very adorable. In episode 8, they are forced into a tunnel of love and confess feelings and they become girlfriend-and-girlfriend. They have a cute episode of Amity trying to be a good girlfriend and end season 2 with Luz talking to her mom, who she hasn’t seen in 2 months. It was a very emotional scene and I can’t wait for the rest of season two in 2 months. 

I think this is a great show. I know I might be a little old for cartoons, but it has the same lore as Gravity Falls. Many hidden messages and unsolved mysteries. Like the first letter of every episode, spell out a phrase by the end of the season. Season one was “A witch loses a true way”, Eda did when she lost her ability to do magic; and so far season two is “seek the key”,  referring to the key to the destroyed portal. It’s so fun finding these hidden messages. There is also great diversity in the cast, which is a great for younger kids watching the show. It also shows 3 LGBTQ+ couples referring to Willow’s dads, Eda and Raine (who is nonbinary) and of course Luz and Amity. It shows kids that it is ok and not unnatural. 

I am very sad that The Owl House won’t be getting a season 3, but Disney could have made it less obvious why the show was cancelled. They say it didn’t fit their brand but I don’t believe that. In one episode, Amity kisses Luz on the cheek and a lot of people when they watched that episode say sometimes the kiss was cut out. They also rarely show any episodes on Disney. It usually runs when kids are asleep or not at all. And any of the episodes showing LGBTQ+ representation are shown even less. They have had LGBTQ+ couples before on Disney, but always in the background, only hugging, or never in a relationship. Only shown on screen as single. When they finally got good representation, thanks to Dana, Disney cancelled the show because it didn’t fit their brand. These kids are losing out on the representation they need. The cast of main characters are so diverse that every child could be accounted for. We need to #savetheowlhouse to help push for equality. We need this to help us grow and learn to accept it because these people can’t change who they are, so we should make them feel accepted and embraced. Watch The Owl House on Youtube, Disney Channel or Disney+ to see for yourself. And please help #savetheowlhouse.