“Fun Facts about US Presidents”


Katrina Ipce, Staff Writer

Welcome to America! We have had 46 presidents, including the newest addition Joe Biden. We know a lot about each president starting all the way from George Washington. We know where they were born, how long their term was, who their family members were, etc…but what about the crazier facts? How much do we really know? Today we will be looking at some of the weirdest facts about some of America’s presidents!

Starting with the 4th President, James Madison is known for being our smallest president ever! He stood at 5’4 and only weighed around 100 pounds…tiny man. Another hilarious fact is about President Andrew Jackson: he allegedly taught his pet parrot how to curse, and at his funeral the parrot had to be removed because it wouldn’t stop cursing. Next, William H. Harrison is known for giving the longest inauguration speech, with 8,445 words in over 90 minutes. It was a wet, cold day when he gave this speech in 1841. The worst part about this whole thing was he died only 33 days into his presidency after getting sick…wow. One of my personal favorite facts was about President John Quincy Adams. He was known for skinny dipping every morning in the Potomac River…yeah, weird. The funniest part is that one day a reporter decided to go to the river and sit on his clothes until he agreed to do an interview with her. The next one is simple…every party has that one person who ruins the whole thing, that person was President James K. Polk. Polk banned drinking, card playing, and dancing for the white house…boring. Another sad fact is that President James Buchanan was the only bachelor president. He remained single and people constantly questioned his sexuality. One interesting fact I found was that President James A. Garfield could write in Greek with one hand and Latin in the other…at the same time!! Very impressive if I say so myself. We are going to end this list of facts by talking about the craziest pets ever held in the white house. President Calvin Coolidge requested two pet racoons named Reuben and Rebecca, who would sometimes run around the white house. Lastly, Herbert Hoover’s son had two pet alligators, who also ran around the white house grounds.

This is the end of this very interesting list of weird facts about some of our nation’s presidents. This isn’t even half of the facts that I could go on about. Each president has some interesting parts about their presidency and it is so intriguing and funny to me.