The Murder of George Floyd Sparks National Outrage

The Murder of George Floyd Sparks National Outrage

Sugar Helena Constant, Staff Writer

On May 25th, 2020, a police officer killed 46-year-old George Floyd in Minnesota, who was accused of using a counterfeit $20.00 bill. Police officer, Derek Chauvin, had reportedly pinned Mr. Floyd to the ground with his knee to his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. George Floyd had repeatedly told the officer that he “Could not breathe” and bystanders had told them to stop. By the time the first squad car arrived, George Floyd was unconscious and was not showing any signs of life. 

As a result of the murder of George Floyd, millions of people in the United States were outraged by this horrible act of police brutality after seeing a video of what happened. Thousands of people of many different ethnic backgrounds, gathered on the streets in protest of George Floyd’s death. Sadly, Floyd’s case is not the first time a cop has been accused of murdering someone. Protests and riots raged on for several nights after the murder, causing the burning of police cars and police stations, stores, and other buildings due to national outrage. 

All four police officers involved in the death of George Floyd were fired from the police force the day after. Many protesters and rioters were angered by the fact that they had not been arrested at first, although they were all under investigation. On Friday, Derek Chauvin, the man who had his knee on Floyd’s neck, was taken into custody and arrested on charges of murder and manslaughter. Charges were eventually brought up against the other three officers. Protesters are demanding justice saying, “No justice, No peace!”

Riots have flared up in cities all across America, including Minneapolis, Louisville, Birmingham, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and Portland. Tear gas is being used on many rioters and in Minneapolis, over 200 people were arrested. Government officials and many civilians are pleading with the rioters to protest peacefully. The National Guard was deployed in a few dozen states to control the rioting. Curfews have been put in place in Minneapolis and Philadelphia. President Trump has ordered that something be done to stop the riots.

While many people have been urging the rioters to protest peacefully, rioters are saying, “Buildings can be rebuilt, but George Floyd’s life cannot.” Some rioters are arguing that protesting peacefully will not draw America’s attention. George Floyd’s death has brought about  a spark in a movement demanding better treatment of people by police. Americans are demanding that the government must act quickly in the face of injustice.