6 Feet Apart


Sugar Helena Constant, Staff Writer

For the first time I have fears about tomorrow

Thinking about all the people fills me with sorrow

It would be nice to breathe again

And maybe go and see a friend

Yet the world is different now

It’s only safe to stay in the house


I simply cannot stay inside

Even with this thing going on worldwide

It’s nice to get fresh air sometimes

Especially in these really sad times


I can see the world, but from 6 feet away

I can’t handle this for another day

I’m starting to feel kind of crazy

It never was this hard being so lazy


I hope that someday it will be all better

Right now I am really under the weather

People are dying and that’s not right

Doctors and nurses have to join the fight


It’s like we’re in the twilight zone

I’ve never felt so alone

Like it’s every person for themselves

They even emptied all the shelves


I just wanna be a kid again

I don’t want this to be the end

You don’t know how easy it is until it’s not

I simply can’t stay here and just rot!