Wizard of Oz from the Pit

Wizard of Oz from the Pit

Madelyn Meil, Staff Writer

When you follow the yellow brick road to see East Rockaway’s production of Wizard Of Oz, what do you think of? Do you think of the character development or how the lion lost his roar? From rehearsals to the final show, a lot of hard work is put forth, especially with the music. Hours and hours of practice goes into the musical. 

When you are in the orchestra pit, it can be stressful some days, but also a lot of fun. Practice with the pit starts months before the actual show. High school students are playing professional music, so practice is essential. Learning musical songs is completely different from the rock music you hear on the radio or classical Bach. We need to listen for cues and follow the actors’ tempo throughout the play. The song can start off with a nice slow tempo and then quickly change to a fast tempo. 

Being an actor in the production is very important because they carry the show. These students have more hours of practice. But in order to tie the entire show together, it is essential for all groups, from the stage crew, pit, sound board and lights, to put in a lot of effort and time. Little do some people know, the whole cast stays to rehearse for this production unit 9 PM.

By being a part of the musical, you can make new friends after hours of practice and late nights. You also may become closer with the teachers you don’t have in class. Just remember when you come to see the show, that students put countless hours and effort into the production! We hope you enjoy the show!