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Best Fashion for Winter

Best Fashion for Winter
Perrone, Sara

As the weather gets colder and winter settles in, there are certain fashion trends that everyone loves.  Most high schoolers would be happy to throw on sweatpants and hoodies, but others like to keep up with the trends.


Over the past few years, vests have become a new trend.  No matter what long sleeve you would wear, a vest could go over to add layers and overall comfort.  Although you wouldn’t see this on a runway, many people have adapted this trend quickly.  Most like vests to add more to their outfit.  If you decide to wear a hoodie, a vest can add more color to your outfit and make it look better.  A vest is made to enhance your style.

Plaid Skirts

The most basic essential for the holiday season is a plaid skirt, whether it’s to wear on a holiday or a nice outfit to go out.  This skirt screams winter in every way possible.  You can style this skirt in more ways than one which makes it versatile.  A more basic option and sleek option is a black mini skirt which can pull together any outfit you choose.  Either way, a skirt is a fancier option known to make a statement.


Slippers are essential to keep warm, but this year more than ever Ugg slippers are in.  Any style can be made into a comfy outfit.  Uggs can dress down your outfits or make your outfits look cozy.  These are by far the easiest shoes to wear in a rush, but the only downfall is how fast you can walk in them and that they are not waterproof.  Even with those flaws, almost everyone hops on the bandwagon for Uggs since they can do no wrong.


During the winter, there are many colors that make the holiday season brighter.  This year in my opinion the hottest colors to wear are wine red, forest green, and chestnut brown.  These colors are dark and earthly which creates sleek and well polished outfits with whatever piece of clothes you chose.

Although there are other trends this winter season, these are some of my favorites that also look good.  If you ever need something new and different, I suggest these options.  And remember to stay comfortable while looking good this holiday season!

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Introducing Steph.  She is a senior and Secretary of The Gull.  This is her fourth year of writing and enjoys writing opinionated pieces.  She spends her time playing volleyball, flag football, or with her puppy Noel.  She loves covering a wide variety of pieces: from fashion to football.

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