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Gilmore Girls: The Best Fall Show

Opening Credits of Gilmore Girls

There’s nothing better than enjoying a fall day by sitting inside, bundled up, and watching Gilmore Girls. The show of the fall is Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls captures everything good about this season. The first scene of the Pilot features the renowned fall tune, “There She Goes.” The show quickly transitions into autumn as Rory finds love and Lorelai visits the towns diner for her 5th coffee of the day. Some of the shows most iconic moments happen as the leaves fall, such as Rory’s very famous fall fit. There are plenty of other moment in Gilmore Girls that prove how it is the best show to binge during autumn. Just seven episodes into the first season, we see Luke and Lorelai bickering with each other over fall decorations. Later in the episode, Rory experiences her first kiss with Dean, in the fall decorated convenience store. Gilmore Girls has a slight color tint in first few seasons, maybe because it was the early 2000’s or maybe because the producers knew Gilmore Girls would be the best fall show. One intentional fall marketing tactic was the Gilmore Girls intro. The title is presented over the foliaged town and transitions to the orange trees of fall, and the rest of the intro follows the fall theme with the orange tint. 

The town Stars Hallow celebrates their town spirit generally in the fall. They throw celebrations like the Autumn Festival, which is purely the celebration of autumn! In the episode “Kiss and Tell”, you can see the town prepare for their upcoming festival: the dance instructor teaching her students to dance at the festival, Mr. Dose harassing Luke to contribute to the festival, and Rory and Lane dressed as pilgrims promoting the festival. And there are many more episodes which celebrate the fall, but you will just have to watch them for yourself. 

Perrone, Sara

Another common commentary on this show is the style; Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are praised for their fashion. The most common undertone of their outfit choices is Autumn. As I mentioned before, Rory wore her white sweater. Now Lorelai has more of the iconic outfits. In the first season she is often wearing either turtle necks or some sort of leather jacket.  She revolves her outfits around the Autumn colors; red, orange, brown, and cream. This is obviously a style choice made by the costume designer, Brenda Maben. On social media you can see girls trying to copy her style as we progress through the fall. Lorelai Gilmore has become a staple in fall fashion, furthering Gilmore Girls as the best fall show. 

Perrone, Sara

Gilmore Girls is a long show, with each episode is around 40 minutes, 23 episodes per season, and 7 seasons. Despite the length of the show, Gilmore Girls manages to give us such a cozy feeling. The kind of feeling you want to wear your wool socks, a sweater, light a candle, and bake cookies to. Gilmore Girls welcomes the coming of fall, and marks it territory as the best fall show. 

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    Giana HorvathOct 27, 2023 at 8:30 am

    My newest guilty pleasure!! I’m in season three and I can’t stop watching! Great article, Olivia!