Rock Rivalry 2023: A Recap

Class of 2023:

The Seniors took home the cup this year with their first place entrance, “Mission Impolarable.”

The North Pole is kept running by one thing: the magical snow globe. When two evil elves, Crackle and Pop, devise a plan under their secret evil boss, to steal the globe and escape to Mexico, the town realizes that some of their own people have begun to go missing. The North Pole Council, with the help of the townspeople, must now find the missing people and get their prized possession back to get the North Pole, and the factory up and running again. They find themselves in an intense game of North Pole Holdem, take a quick stop to watch Die Hard, and compete in the ultimate rap battle with Crackle and Pop that returns the snow globe back to its place once and for all. After their victory, the Council finds out that their trusted friend Snappy is the mastermind behind it all. The reason: Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

The Seniors executed their colorful and jolly show perfectly on Friday night and earned first place following their Sports night win which earned them the cup. After placing second by just a few points their Junior year, this was a bittersweet way for the Class of 2023 to end their Rock Rivalry era. 

By: Kirsten Carman

Class of 2024:

As a junior, there was definitely more pressure and competition. Our biggest competition was with the seniors. We took an early lead from volleyball where we came in first for boys and girls. We then began to think about our entrance. The idea of Ooga Island came from many rejections to other ideas.  What began as pirates on a boat turned into Vikings on an island. After getting told no to all those ideas, we settled on barbarians.  You may ask what barbarians are and honestly we had no idea. Our whole idea and personality of the barbarians came from the song “Hooked on a Feeling” which we used in our entrance.  The beginning of that song became a chant, which made the barbarians not seem so barbaric.  We began to think of the so-called barbarians as a tribe. After clearing that up, everything got easier.  Our stand idea came together as well as our mural. We began to get more creative as the due date got closer. We added people into our mural and more height to our stand. Through this process, we came in second place for sports night and were on the right track.

Our stand was the tallest out of every class. When you walked into the small gym the first thing people noticed was our 20 foot tall tower. Although our mural was filled with dark colors, we created a story. Our costume was a dress that some judges thought we actually bought because of how smooth our sewing was. Our art interpretation speaks for itself and we won first in this category.  

The Class of 2024 has come in fourth for the past 2 years. Finally this year we got second and broke our streak of last place. As a grade, we came together and worked hard to place second. We have become closer through this experience. From the long days together to celebrating our victories, I encourage everyone to participate in rock rivalry. The class of 2024 has become more connected and hopefully next year we will have more people participate.

By: Stephanie Lynch

Class of 2025:

Rock Rivalry memories are some of the best memories you will ever make. Coming together as a grade to take down all the others and prove you really are the best. This year I made some of the best memories I could have ever asked for while putting together our show “Caveman Cliques”.

“Caveman Cliques” follows Rex, Terra, Dina, and Buck as they try to hide away from the mad scientist Vicky. After she melts them from an iceberg in her lab, these 4 cavemen escape into town and run into the peppy cheerleader Jenny and “eco-girl” Olivia. These 2 promise to hide the cavemen in their school, Northgreen Central High school, in order to protect them from the mad scientist. While at Northgreen, these 4 discover what truly interests them. Rex wants to play ball, Terra wants to know all about modern day fashion, Dina wants to learn science and STEM, and Buck wants to be class president. But lurking around the corner is a Science teacher (part time mad scientist) and her 2 minions, Lefty and Righty, hatching a plan to get the cavemen back. 

We all worked really hard to get everything perfect for our show: spending 8 hours in one day finishing the mural, late nights in a cold yard painting giant doors to use for props, double rehearsals at the school, losing rehearsals in the auditorium and all the other shenanigans that went down this year. We put so much effort, blood, sweat, and tears into our show. We came to compete and win. The sophomores won second for Entrance and Mural and placed first in the Quiz Bowl. A huge accomplishment for a sophomore class. Overall we placed 3rd, which was very frustrating to many but a good wake up call that next year we just need to be bigger and better. Watch out everybody! 2025 is taking the cup next year!

Shout out to 7th and 8th graders who, with a whopping 52.3%, voted the sophomore entrance for first place!

Shout out to the Sophomore class, 2025! Can’t wait to get started on next year’s genius idea!

Shout out to to Overall Chairmen Adriana DeMatteo and Shannon McMahon, and Entrance Chairmen Isabella DeCunzo and Valentina Proto for all their hard work on the Sophomore show!

By: Isabella DeCunzo

Class of 2026:

Welcome to “Disney” folks! When a family of five goes on their annual summer vacation, the children’s world gets flipped upside-down when they get trapped in a parallel universe, separated from their parentst. Who knew that deep through the secret portal taking the shape of a magic mirror, there was an Evil Queen who was plotting to steal all the evil children of the world to become the most powerful “Disney”.

The Sullivan Family children Sammy, Sydney and Simon have to find a way to get along and prove that they don’t belong in this so-called “Evil” world. Battling the Evil Queen and her two henchmen Bobby and Glen is a challenging task for these children as they try to work through their own differences. Will the kids be able to prove that they’re not evil? Will they ever see their parents again? What will happen to the Evil Queen and her schemes?

The freshmen really put on a great show this year, and we’re so excited to see what’s to come for their class in the next three years. It was awesome to see the newest set of students take the stage!