Isabella DeCunzo, Secretary

I wish we never made it to the end

It was better when swords were drawn,

Battling for our lost

Battling for our lives

Battling for our future


We did come out in victory

But it does not feel that way

The war outside has ceased

But the war in my mind is still firing shots.

Shots at my energy

Shots at my brain

Shots at my heart 


Triumph can not occur after all that is done

Look at our land,

Our Friends

Our foes

And you


I wish the end wasn’t as bitter

When I said death do we part,

I thought I had an eternity with you

To laugh at your jokes

Have your shoulder to cry

And for when I need it

To stand by your side


But war doesn’t wait for eternity

War fires shot, after shot in hopes one side outplays the other

In the end their is no winners

We all lost someone


I wish we never made it to the end

But in my end, i hope to join you


Pyrrhic – a victory that is not worth winning because so much is lost to achieve it.