Queen Elizabeth II – Friend or Foe?


Isabella DeCunzo, Secretary

The following is an opinion-based article and based on unproven theories*

We used to say, “God save the Queen”. But in the words of Titan from Megamind, “There is no Easter bunny, there is no tooth fairy and there is no Queen of England.” Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022.  At 96 years old, she lived a nice, long life in luxury serving as Queen for 70 years. I’m sure everyone will remember where they were when this event occurred, as I will forever remember running into different rooms telling anyone I could find. It made Chemistry class very interesting that day. But even though we were all sad the immortal Queen proved she was mortal, is she really that big of a deal to be celebrated?

Right now Britain is in charge of about 70 overseas territories. She gave these places resources, fresh water and other things developing countries need. However, she was infamous for foul treatment. A lot of countries are now trying to remove themselves from the monarchy’s realm because of past treatment. They also fear the new King and worry that he will change the way they live. The Queen let them govern themselves mostly, but the new King may not do the same. 

The Queen was supposedly very unkind to her former daughter-in-law, Princess Diana. She has been reported to be very unsympathetic about her passing. Most people could tell they had a rocky relationship, but she could at least pretend to care. She was quoted saying, “Someone must have greased the breaks”, igniting a flood of conspiracy theories about the queen having a part in Diana’s passing. It was never proven, but there are still new theories to this day. 

As an avid fan of the royal family, I was upset with the passing of the Queen. But as a Princess Diana fan, I hope Diana dances on her in a happy afterlife. We will all miss the Queen, but let us not forget everything she has done. Good and bad, for better and for worse. God save the queen and rest in peace.