Heartstopper: Taking the World by Storm


Isabella DeCunzo, Staff Writer

*Warning: Slight Spoilers*

On Apr 22, 2022, Netflix released a new series, Heartstopper. It is based on the graphic novel series, Heartstopper, by Alice Oseman. It shares the adventures of LGBTQ youth in the British private school system. It talks about many situations that LGBTQ youth go through such as bullying, coming out, changes, and accepting who you are. It’s really refreshing to see some open representations in the media. They’re not a side character or a stereotype, they’re in the open dealing with things faced by children. Here is my review and opinions on Heartstopper.

Heartstopper follows Charlie, an openly gay boy who attends an all boys’ school in England. At the start of a new term, he meets Nick Nelson and falls head over heels for him. But he is straight, or so we think. Nick befriends Charlie and starts hanging out with him all the time thinking they were just great friends. Then he starts to get feelings and questions his whole life and sexuality. This is very relatable to many viewers because when you find out everything you thought you knew might be wrong, it can break you and make you panic. 

The story also follows other characters. Ella is a trans girl who used to attend the all boys’ school with Charlie and their friend Tao. But after Christmas break, she finally moves to Higgs, the all girls’ school. She has to face making new friends and her growing feelings for her best friend Tao. At Higgs, she meets Darcy and Tara; two very close friends who take Elle under her wing. They are actually secretly dating and have to deal with a lot of bullying and negative comments after they come out as girlfriends. 

I have to say that I love this show so much. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching because of all the twists and turns the plot gives us. It shows a real life experience of LGBTQ youth. They are not just accepting or changing one person’s view of them in a short amount of time. They deal with bullying, hurtful comments, and falling out of friendships. All of the couples are also so cute. Nick and Charlie have an adorable relationship with shy Charlie and outgoing Nick. Tara brings her playful banter and Darcy shows her not serious style. All in all I give the show a 9/10. It shows the struggles and victories of growing up and discovering who you are.