Autism Awareness


Erin Lynch, Secretary

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is diagnosed in every 1 in 68 births. That is more than 3.5 million people in the United States and roughly 75 million people diagnosed world-wide. 

The month of April is known as National Autism Awareness Month. During the month there are numerous opportunities to increase your sense of inclusion and embracement of anyone diagnosed with Autism. Through the use of stories and experiences, we are given a better understanding of what individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder endure daily. There are varying symptoms of autism, and no two cases are the same. The “Light it Up Blue” campaign spreads awareness for those with Autism and the individuals who love and support them. Simply wearing the color blue during the month of April will show your support for Autism Awareness.

April is the month to spread not only Autism awareness but acceptance. Acceptance could mean understanding what someone diagnosed with Autism may experience, ways to make them feel comfortable, and how you could sympathize with what their loved ones may go through on a day to day basis.  According to the CDC, someone with ASD can experience difficulty verbally communicating and have a variety of behavioral challenges. Along with this, many children and adults with Autism struggle in varying social situations, this could possibly be caused by social anxiety. Individuals with Autism can struggle socially, emotionally, verbally, and in some cases physically. In fact, up to 90% of individuals diagnosed with autism experience sensitivity to sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch while some may not even notice them at all. 

To conclude, April is all about spreading awareness for those with Autism by recognizing those diagnosed, and giving anyone with ASD a sense of inclusivity. Organizing campaigns, spreading your knowledge to others, and simply wearing the color blue are just a few ways to show your support for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. But of course, your support is not constricted just to the month of April and you should show your support for Autism year round!