The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Chocolates


Isabella DeCunzo, Staff Writer

I’ll start by saying Valentine’s Day is overrated. I don’t need a special day to remind me of how single I am. I experience that on a daily basis. It also never goes well for people in rom coms. But I’m not here to talk about that. What I’m here to do is talk about the most popular chocolates for Valentines Day. You know the heart box with the “fancy” chocolates. Whether buying for a loved one, a friend, or for yourself, here is my opinion on the most popular Valentine’s Day chocolates. 

10. The one with orange whipped cream in it. This one is a menace to society. Every time I confuse this one with another chocolate, my gag reflex is triggered. They’re gross and I don’t know who likes these. The orange flavor is so fake and tastes horrible. It is coated in milk chocolate that also has the gross orange taste because it sat for so long. If you like this, you have a strange acquired taste so kindly stay far away from me. Sorry not sorry. -10,000/10

9. The fake caramel. Caramel is usually on the top of the list, but this chocolate combo is one of the worst. The caramel is hard and has no taste. It also has the texture of Elmer’s glue. It is so sticky that it will be stuck to the roof of your mouth for days. 0/10

8. The one with dried fruit in it. This one is weird. Most of the time it’s a whole cherry in the middle, but I have also seen dried up oranges or apples. The chocolate mixed with dried fruit is too dry. You might need some milk or water to wash it down. Very chewy. Not a big fan. 2/10.

7. Coconut. Okay, so I love the Girl Scout Samoa cookie which is the caramel, coconut cookie. But this is not good. I have the same issue as the fruit chocolate because it is very chewy. Chocolate and coconut is a good combo, but it is very chewy and coconut gets stuck in your teeth. This is only ranked higher because I myself am a coconut fan. 3/10

6. Fudge. This one is actually pretty good. Usually it tastes like a very fudgy brownie with fudge in the middle. It is very rich in chocolate.  Some may need milk with it. I like this one a lot but it can be too much chocolate a lot of the time. Because most of these are from CVS, it’s usually not the highest quality in chocolate. But still very delicious. 5/10

5. The fruit syrup. This one is okay. It depends on the syrup. Strawberry or cherry? Chef’s kiss. So good. Orange or grape? Throw it away. They can’t make orange or grape flavor right. It’s very sad. It is very sweet so you may want to pair it with dark chocolate. Good combo. 6/10

4. Plain chocolate. Classic choice. Whether milk or dark chocolate, it is always the safe choice. They can’t ruin this one. Maybe it will have a drizzle of a different chocolate on top. Can’t go wrong. 7/10

3. Peanut butter or nuts. Top 3. Third is Peanut butter. To be honest, I am not that big a fan of nuts. I have no allergies, but I am just not a fan. However, I can appreciate how good it is. Peanut butter and chocolate is very delicious and deserves top 3. 8/10

2. Nougat. One of my favorites. This is like a three musketeer. The gooey sugar stuff and milk chocolate. Chef’s kiss. One of my favs. It’s got a good texture and flavor. Perfect combo that only one thing can beat. 9/10.

1. Salted caramel. This is the best of the best. I will die on this hill. The gooey, flavorful caramel inside milk or dark chocolate… It’s so good it doesn’t matter what chocolate it is. It is then topped with a pinch of salt. The flavors balance each other out perfectly and just taste oh so good. Fight me if you degree.