The Horrible Shooting in Michigan


Joseph Romano, Staff Writer

*This article contains information on a sensitive topic*

Have you heard about the horrible incident that happened at Oxford High School in Detroit, Michigan? The mass shooting happened on November 30,2021. Around 1pm in the afternoon, the first 911 call was sent in. This event was truly devastating for everyone, especially for the students who attend the school. There were four deaths. Their names were Hana St. Juliana, Tate Myre, Madisyn Baldwin and Justin Shilling. There were also six people injured, including five students and one teacher.

This incident occurred within a couple of hours. First, the student involved, Ethan Crumbley, was called down to the office where him and his parents met with administration about a complaint concerning a possible gun in his bag.  Administration didn’t check his bag and they let the student go back to class. Shortly after Crumbley went back to class, he went to the bathroom with his backpack and the gun inside. He left his bag in the bathroom and that’s when the horrific event started.

The shooter, Ethan Crumbley, was a 15-year-old Sophomore student who attended the school. One question that you might be asking is how did this kid get the gun? Well, the night before the shooting, Crumbley went with his dad to Walmart to buy a gun. His father bought a semi-automatic handgun. The mother was posting on social media about how they got a gun as an early Christmas gift for Ethan. The mother and father saw that the handgun was missing on the day of the shooting. The mother texted the son saying, “Don’t do it”.  Supposedly there were around 15-20 shots fired. Once the shooter was arrested, the police tried to find his parents, but of course they fled. I really don’t understand why people flee; they know they are going to get caught. But soon after the parents fled, the US Marshals found them. The parents were booked and processed for involuntary manslaughter. Crumbley was charged with life in prison and his charges consist of one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder and twelve counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

I wish this whole incident never happened. It’s crazy to me that one student reported having a ‘gut feeling’ that something was going to happen so they skipped school. One of the students killed, Tate Myre, was a star football player. He tried to take Crumbley down, but sadly he was shot. In honor of him, Oxford High School is naming the football field after Myre.

Rest in peace to all the victims of this traumatic event. The life for these students at Oxford High School will sadly never be the same.