Alec Baldwin Rust Incident


Joseph Romano, Staff Writer

Warning: Mature Topics Discussed

Have you heard what happened on the film of Alec Baldwin’s new movie Rust? Alec Baldwin is a very big actor and comedian who has been in a ton of different movies. This particular movie he filmed was in New Mexico. Rust was supposed to be a western type of movie. Even before the incident happened, there were many employees who were part of the set and movie who walked off because the set was not safe at all, and clearly they were right.

On October 22nd, there was a deadly accident at the film site of the movie. There was a part when Alec had a “gun” and he was supposed to fire, but instead, the prop gun was switched out for a real gun and live ammo was placed in the mag. Sadly, it killed one person and injured another. Alec Baldwin was truly upset about what happened, and they stopped the production until further notice. But the thing everyone is saying is, why did he aim the so-called prop gun at someone? These actors are taught to aim to the side of a person or not aim at them at all. There were accusations against a new production member who makes sure the props are safe. There was evidence that the assistant director did yell “cold gun”, which means it is not loaded with any ammunition. Usually in movies they use blanks in these guns, which are cartridges containing gunpowder and lightly sealed at their tip where the bullet would normally sit. But unfortunately the blanks were actual live rounds with a real gun. I just don’t understand how Alec didn’t realize the obvious weight difference from a real gun to a prop gun, do you? After the tragedy happened the female producer was pronounced dead and the one man who was also hit was in stable condition. The police have been investigating everything that had happened, in which they found 600 rounds of real ammunition on the set.

In my opinion, Alec Baldwin should be sued for a lot of money. They should also mandate police to be on the set at all times when they are shooting a movie that involves a prop gun. 

This whole situation I should hope will never happen again but it does show you how unsafe some movie sets are. The Rock even stated that they will halt the use of real guns on all his films and television shows. I really pray and hope these family get through these tough times and hopefully Alec Baldwin helps these families financially for a long time.