Met Gala Outfits 2021

Julia Mannino and Jade Aparicio

Note: No hate intended to these people. Just critique from the most judgemental middle schoolers on the planet! 🙂

A few weeks ago, the Met Gala sparked the interest of the internet with their theme and somewhat controversial outfits. And while some ruled the show, others were far from that.

This year’s theme was In America: A Lexicon of Fashion (but if I’m being honest, there wasn’t great fashion this year.) Every year, usually without being disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York City holds an exclusive fundraiser that the world’s biggest celebrities attend.

We, personally, did not care way too much for the outfits this year, but there’s still a few that stood out to us, in one way or another.

One of our favorite outfits, while plain, was Billie Eilish’s dress. The only reason that this is in our top five favorite outfits is because we couldn’t find many good ones. But if we had the opportunity to wear that dress, we would take it. This is a win for the Billie Eilish stans. 

We may look into things way too much, but Ella Emhoff and Julia Garner’s paired outfits kind of remind me of red and white blood cells. Other than that, their outfits are great, we just pay way too much attention to science.

Lorde’s outfit looks like what a spiritual mom would wear to a Met Gala, and we’re here for that. The beads on the dress, the beaded bag, the tiara, everything. The tiara especially adds glamour to it. In my opinion, the tiara can look like the sun on her.  

We’ve been focusing a little too much on the good and not enough on the bad. We’re all for positivity but some of these outfits make it hard to be positive.

Hailey Bieber was absolutely rocking it, but her partner in crime is um-  we cannot stop focusing on how big Justin’s pants are. It’s just too baggy for the Met Gala – like we get, it’s his style and all but come on, you’re wearing baggy pants to the Met Gala. We’ve never been Beliebers, but it looks unprofessional. 

One of our favorite outfits, while looking fab, was Kendall Jenner. Kendall has attended the gala every year since 2014 and you could never hate her outfits. She was our favorite because her outfit looked clean and very well cut. You can see that her outfit has one of the biggest chokers, with many diamonds. Kendall is wearing Givenchy. This is a win for Kendall Jenner stans. 

Can we just talk about Lili Reinhart’s outfit? We think no one could ever look that good in that kind of dress. She is our other favorite. Lili can rock any flower look, the flowers at the end just add more design. We just love that. And personally from our observations, her hair kind of gives us Britney Spears vibes. Not going to lie, her hair so slicked back and a little up in the back is just mwah. Too perfect. 

And the last one of our top three favorites is Emma Chamberlain. All these girls outfits are so POW, very unique and very bright – you can see them a mile away. Emma’s outfit is just woah – how one side is the longer side, like a skirt/dress for the bottom and the top piece! Oh my god. How can we explain her top? It’s so clean and cute too. And her green eyeliner just made the outfit pop more. 

There are so many good outfits but let’s take a look at three of the worst Met Gala outfits.      

Kim K’s outfit is…something. Something doesn’t feel right about it. It’s a black bodysuit. Are there eyeholes? How is she walking in heels?! What? Just so many questions to ask about Kim K’s Outfit.  So many memes about her outfit, people are saying is it even her? We may never know.

Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo, is this another bad version of the fairy godmother. Have you seen Whoopi Goldberg’s Met Gala outfit? Oh my god, we can’t, just can’t anymore with these celebrities’ outfits. Like what are you doing? It’s just too puffy and those colors mixed together, oh my. She looks like the 2021 kind of bad version of the fairygothmother.

If A$AP wearing a quilt to the Met Gala is iconic (which I don’t really see fitting in with the theme, at all), maybe I can wear pajama pants and an all-county sweatshirt from 2020 to my moving up ceremony (or whatever moving up to high school is called). I don’t know.  Maybe I will. I mean, bonus points for staying comfortable.

One of our favorite outfits of the night is probably Hunter Shaefer’s. No one else thought of spiders, did they? I have no idea what that has to do with the theme, but then again, do any of the others? We wonder what next year’s Met Gala is going to bring to us.