COVID Vaccine Updates – Booster Shots


Madelyn Miel, Staff Writer

Ah yes, COVID-19. As much as we all hate COVID-19, scientists work everyday finding out new things about this virus.

As we all know the COVID-19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. This vaccine will take the messenger RNA from the vaccine and build a protein, and then your body will make an antibody that will be a perfect match for a future infection of COVID-19. Think of this as a lock and key! With this vaccine many are saying we need a booster shot.

This isn’t new news because, right as the vaccine came out, there was talk of getting a booster. But what will this booster do? It will enhance your current shots because, over time, your body has “lost some of its punch due to a decline in vaccine effectiveness,” according to Dr. Michael Stevens. 

When the COVID-19 vaccines came out, there were certain age groups able to get it at certain times. As of right now, the booster is no different. Right now, Pfizer is offering booster shots if you are 65 and over, ages 16-64 with an underlying medical condition, people who work in high risk occupations (such as nurses and doctors), and people who work in nursing homes or homeless shelters. With these booster shots, you must also have received both doses of your shots 6 months ago.

These booster shots are important because the vaccine has been proven to decrease in effectiveness over time, which provides less immunity, especially for the Delta Variant. This deadly variant originally came from India in December of 2020 and was then detected in the US in March 2021. As of recent findings, 80% of COVID cases are from the Delta Variant. Compared to other variants, the Delta Variant is more contagious and deadly.

To protect yourself from COVID-19 and any of its variants, health professionals are saying to get vaccinated, as it is the best protection and prevention. Even though it is rare to get COVID-19 with the vaccines, it is possible, but being vaccinated limits your chances of hospital visits and dying when infected with COVID-19.