The Importance of Relationships

Elizabeth Ruggiero

Have you ever had a best friend? An enemy maybe? A close friend or family member? Maybe even a significant other? All of these examples of relationships have important meaning. Yes, even enemies if you really think about it. Every single time you cross paths with someone, it affects you, whether it be in a good or a bad way. Think of people as spirits that have different opinions, morals, and ways of living. We are all unique in our own ways, and meeting people that are similar to us usually makes us happy. Meeting someone who is different from us could lead to confusion, maybe even anger. Our first encounter with someone new, our first feeling we get from them, is evident. It, in most cases, determines what relationship we will have with that person. We might not know it yet but there is a set connection with someone just by the way you meet. In some cases, the meeting may be negative but later on, the relationship is warm and kind. This shows that emotions and struggles could build or destroy relationships. These emotions could lead to making a forever friend. Or an enemy that you just can’t stand. Emotions drive us and lead us to make all different decisions. Some good and some bad.

Using this information, we can deduce that relationships are important and affect us as people. Also, that our emotions leading us are strong and essential to making important decisions and relationships. This leads to the question “How can I develop healthy relationships?” This question seems complicated but in reality, there is a simple answer. Be yourself. People gravitate towards each other naturally and letting yourself be true and kind makes the process much easier and suave. Being considerate of the other person’s emotions is what makes relationships stronger and leads away from negative connections. Having positive connections to family and friends makes life so much better in the long run and in the present. Remember to spread positivity and understand others may have different emotions than you.