Fall 2021

Stephanie Lynch

The leaves are changing and sweater weather is starting.  Most people’s favorite time of year is autumn.  Some ask why because school starts and you can’t go to the beach or pool.  While these are valid points, fall is a fresh start to a new school year.  The weather is perfect and Halloween is right around the corner.

If you haven’t noticed the weather has been amazing, especially this time of year.  The cool breeze while the sun is shining is perfect for any day.  The sunrises and sunsets this year have been beautiful.  Raking the fallen leaves and jumping in leaf piles are some of my favorite memories as a child.

The amount of movies everyone has binge-watched over 2020 and 2021 is crazy.  Many movies were put on pause and are coming now in 2021. Nightbooks, Dear Evan Hansen, and Kate are new releases that came out this fall.

The year 2021 has brought back many fashion trends from the early 2000s.  Sweaters are the most popular fall trend.  Browns with neutrals are coming back for this fall season.  Another trend is sweater vests.  

This fall will be packed with the best weather, movies, and clothing trends.  This is the perfect start for this school year and the other seasons to come.  Halloween is soon to come on Sunday the 31st, so get ready for spooky season!