The Game of Life

Maddy Mistretta

As kids we played,

spun the wheel to see 

what our imaginary life would turn out to be 

How could we be so sure?

Was there an option to spin the wheel and tell 

Which years of our lives would be absolute hell?


How could we have known?

When we were to end up in 

a whirlwind of hectic nothingness

or the peak of our lives 


If there was a chance to make your own game
I would ignore the options of the money and the fame

make a game of real life 

laughter and tears


realistic at least 

to tame the beast that is

unrealistic expectations of a poster child life

with a white picket fence and a perfect family

good grades and all around positivity 


because real life is not consistency

it’s not linear

There’s no cheat code

and no one truly knows the answer

You just live

and play the game as you go along.