“NEW Burger King Chicken Sandwich: Is It Worth The Hype?”

NEW Burger King Chicken Sandwich: Is It Worth The Hype?

Joseph Santonastaso, Contributing Writer

For the past month, Burger King’s new “Ch’King” chicken sandwich has been blowing up all over social media. The world-wide loved fast food chain since 1954 recently released their brand new menu item and have taken the internet by storm. Various different users across the TikTok platform have described this sandwich as “the sandwich that beats Chick-Fil-a.” Myself, being one of the die hard Chick-Fil-A lovers, had to put this sandwich to the test and see if it was worth the hype.

Upon entering Oceanside’s Burger King restaurant, I was quite torn on deciding to get the regular sandwich or the spicy sandwich. I ended up flipping a coin as the cashier was asking for my order, followed by my friends screaming at me and telling me to pick something. The coin landed on heads, meaning spicy it was! I eagerly waited, with my mouth watering as the seconds went on, for the workers to say “Order #23 is ready!” so that I could grab my food and dig in. When my food was finally ready, I quickly took it and snatched a seat so that I could finally try this thing.

I was taking this critique very seriously and spent quite some time trying to figure out what to judge this sandwich on. I came to the conclusion that I would rate it on the quantity of the chicken, the appearance of the sandwich, and most importantly how it tasted. Upon opening the sandwich, it appeared very sloppy and seemed like the worker just threw anything they could find on it. However, the quantity of the chicken was ginormous! I’ve always known that Burger King is the only fast food restaurant that makes their sandwiches as huge as they put it on their advertisements, so I wasn’t surprised. Now, it was time for the most important part. The taste test. Although I was really excited, I didn’t know what to expect! I took a bite of the sandwich and honestly fell in love. I felt as if everything on it blended together perfectly. The crunch and juice of the chicken was immaculate, the tomatoes tasted as fresh as fruit from a garden, and the buns were toasted to the perfect temperature.


To sum this article up, Burger King’s new “Ch’King” sandwich is definitely worth the hype, and I seriously recommend for everyone to try it! I’d rate the quantity 10/10, the appearance 5/10, and the taste 8.5/10. Although I really did enjoy it, I unfortunately cannot say that it beats Chick-Fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich, because then I’d be lying. So, until Burger King or another fast food chain releases another chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A remains superior! If you wanted to see my raw reaction to trying the sandwich, watch this video! And yes, my immediate reaction was “It’s bussin.”