“A Peak into JV Softball”


Stephanie Lynch

A selfie of the 2021 JV Girls Softball Team

Stephanie Lynch, Staff Writer

“Fall” sports have officially ended and the start of spring sports has begun. The sports are softball, baseball, lacrosse, and track and field. These sports unfortunately got cancelled due to COVID, but thankfully they started again. I play softball and we finally had the opportunity to have a junior varsity and varsity team. I am on junior varsity, but sometimes I get pulled up to varsity for some games. All the girls are very excited to play in games since our season never started last year. Now that we are more than halfway through the season, it is bittersweet to see us grow. All the girls have improved so much and so have I. Mr. Gerken is a great coach and always knows how to keep us focused. I have learned so much from him. When it comes to having a short season, the girls don’t get as much time to bond and become familiar with each other. That was not the case with our team. We all clicked and can always count on each other for anything. Our softball team may have only won two games, but it feels like we are undefeated.

Ninth grader Elizabeth Ruggerio says, “I like softball, it’s super fun. Winning and losing comes with the sport and it’s exciting to see how the game will play out.” She always has a smile on her face no matter what happens. Elizabeth is very positive and gets the team hyped for every game.

One of the two sophomores on junior varsity, Julia Walsh says, “The beginning of the year was a little rough. I didn’t know how the dynamic of this team was going to be, but now as we go into the final weeks of our season; I’m really happy about how far our team has come. I think we bonded really well and I look forward to seeing all the girls at practice. We also really improved our playing. Myself and my teammates have all improved in our own ways and it makes me smile seeing how we’ve grown. If I am moved up to varsity next year as a junior, I’m going to miss these girls a lot.” Julia is an amazing role model for all the freshmen and always knows what to say and do.

Gaby Martinez says, “Our softball team has some of the most positive individuals on it, it truly is amazing to be on a team with such amazing people to get to know. It really is incredible to be a part of this mini family!” Gaby is always ready to play and gives everything she has every game. She is an amazing person to be on this team with and all the girls would agree with me.

Mr. Gerken says, “This year’s JV Softball team includes 12 young ladies who are excited to be a part of the ERHS softball program. They are a dedicated group of girls who work hard at every practice and have fun doing it. Their laughter is infectious as they practice and play softball. Considering the girls haven’t played on a school team in two years their commitment this year is excellent. Despite the difficult schedule facing the team this year, they show up to every game ready to play and work towards a win. The 2021 team includes; Krista Fardella, Courtney Gaffney, Nancy Gorski, Lauren Henshaw, Stephanie Lynch, Gabriela Martinez, Madison Netz, Leah Ortega Herrera, Elizabeth Ruggiero, Abigail Small, Julia Walsh, and Natalia Wilkerson. ” Mr. Gerken is always pushing us to do our best and even when we lose he is supportive. The whole team can agree with me when I say he is the best coach ever.

The season ends on June 1st. A goal for the remainder of the season is to continue to build upon the sense of teamwork and beat Mineola. We lost to them due to lack of focus, so this time we will pay attention and play our hardest. Junior varsity’s last game is home, so invite people to stop by Rhame and support the team!