Poetry Corner: “Growing Up”


Jack Low, Contributing Writer

We stopped leaving cookies and milk out for Santa.

We lost all of our teeth–there is no reason for the tooth fairy to come anymore 

Because we are “growing up.”

The Easter bunny doesn’t come anymore

Because we are “too old for that stuff.”

Why didn’t we listen to our parents when they told us,

“Stop growing up!”

Why can’t we play with our food without people saying,

“Where did your manners go?”

Or climb a tree and then scream for help down because we are stuck


We are “too old.”

I wish that going to the park with our parents was still a daily thing


We are “getting older.”

Why can’t we just go back to when we couldn’t pronounce a word correctly? 

Oh wait-

We are getting older.

I wish we would have listened to our parents when they said….

“Stop growing up.”