“A Play by Play of the ER JH Softball Team”


Isabella DeCunzo, Staff Writer

The school year is coming to a close, which means spring sports are in full swing. From baseball to lacrosse, we as a school are slaying teams across the board. Right now my team, the JH softball team, has won 2 out of the 2 games they have played. So today I am going to give the inside scoop on what’s been going on with the softball team during our games.

Game 1: Lawson Road Middle school

We were bussed over at 3:45PM to go compete in our very first game as the JH softball team in 2 years. Everybody was very nervous as we didn’t know how good the team would be. As we were driving up, they seemed very fair to go up against and our confidence skyrocketed. As the game began we were up to bat first, for we were the away team. We got a few hits and stole a few bases and ended up getting 5 runs in that inning. When we got into the field, our battery (pitcher and catcher) were Angie Stavropoulos and Sarah Lonergan. Sarah is a great pitcher and struck out the first 3 batters before they got to first base. Our second at bat got more hits and got 5 runs again. Sarah pitched another beautiful inning keeping it 10-0. Our final at bat was to be our last at bat because it was going to start raining. We got 5 runs and they got none meaning that the Rocks won 15 – 0. We were all so excited and celebrated by cheering on the bus. This gave a lot of confidence for the new season. 

Game 2: Lincoln Orens Middle school

Today was hot. We were in all black uniforms with orange letters, numbers, and socks. They were nice uniforms but very hot when the sun was beating down. We were bussed over at 3:20PM and we started to warm up. I looked over at the other team’s pitcher and she was very fast. We all got a little nervous and at our first at bat we got one run by a stealing of home by Charlotte Webster. She slid into home and was called safe. We all cheered but the game had only just begun. I got up to pitch and they scored one run off me. Our second time at bat I was up first and I had like a panic attack at the plate and struck out. Another person struck out and someone else got out and we got no runs that inning. Second time on the field, I let up one run and then back to batting. Third at bat we didn’t score any runs.  During the last inning of me pitching, I gave up one run and we were back at bat. This was when we changed the batting order. Angie was first and was walked to first base. I was up 1 batter after her and I hit a double to the outfield letting Angie get our second run. I stole third and on a crazy pitch I slid into home and scored our 3 runs to tie the game. Emma Kelly and Megan Acuti pitched the 4th and 5th innings. Didn’t let the other team get a single run. We didn’t score during the 4th or 5th inning either. During the 5th inning, Megan missed the catch to Emma’s pitch and got hurt and Emma stepped in a hole and twisted her ankle. Angie and I had to go back out for the last inning. During our last at bat in the 6th inning, Charlotte stole home again and scoured us another run and Norah Rose scored a run too, giving us a 2 point lead at their last at bat. I  struck out 2 people and made an out at first ending the inning with Rocks 5 – 3.

We had a good first 2 games and I can’t wait for the rest of the season. We had a hard start with not being able to use the Center Ave. The grass was uncut on Monday and the field was covered in mounds of dirt. Tuesday they were fixing the field so we couldn’t have practice. Wednesday was rainy so we used the batting cage. Thursday the field was water logged and Friday the field was ok. No more dirt piles but was squishy and wet. And we could have practice on Monday because it rained so we just had a meeting. It has been a rough start but after this week I have high hopes for us. Good luck this season. LET’S GO ROCKS!!