“Johnson and Johnson Vaccine”

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Madelyn Miel, Staff Writer

We all know the company Johnson and Johnson. It’s a brand known for pharmaceutical needs, baby shampoos, Band-Aids, and other various skincare products. For me, I will always associate it with the baby wash. For many, hearing that the company was putting out a vaccine for Covid-19 was shocking. What was even more shocking was the fact that this vaccine would only require one dose.

Lately, questions have been raised about the efficacy and safety of this vaccine, such as, “Is it just as effective as others? Especially if it’s only given in one dose?” With vaccines, each is different and unique but has the same goal: the build-up of COVID-19 antibodies. For the goal of herd immunity and daily life, all current vaccines should be effective. But the difference between the vaccines is that the Pfizer is found to be 95% effective, Moderna is found to be 94% effective, and the Johnson and Johnson are found to be 72% with overall efficiency. Against the new variants, Pfizer was found to be effective with the variant from Great Britain and found to may be less effective with the variant from Africa. Moderna may provide protection against both but scientists are still studying this. Johnson and Johnson are shown to offer protection against the variant from Britain and 64% overall efficiency from a severe disease where the variant was found.

To summarize, the major differences between Johnson and Johnson vaccine and the alternatives are the single-doses the lower rate of effectivity. Additionally, serius side effects like blood clots caused the vaccine to pause production in the US. Six individuals who received Johnson and Johnson vaccine had these complications; it is important to note that this is a small number out of the 6.8 million doses administered as of April 12. These 6 individuals were found to be female and between the ages 18 and 48. These symptoms of the rare blood clotting occurred 6-13 days after the vaccine.  

The J&J vaccine has continued production after the 10-day investigation with the 6 cases.

Disclaimer: Information changes daily