The Power of Pandemic Pets


Hailey Velasquez, Staff Writer

We all know too well how stressful and different this past year has been compared to other years. It’s like our somewhat normal lives flipped upside down and we’re all just trying our best to make it through the day. With this in mind, many people have turned to pets to help them cope with their ever-changing lives. For years, pets have been a priority for many people that are struggling or going through a rough patch. Pets have especially been helpful during this pandemic while people face job losses, health concerns, and social isolation. They offer more than just cuteness and unconditional love. Believe it or not,  pets can actually alter your mental and physical health in a positive way. There are numerous benefits that come along with owning a pet and it has definitely come in handy during this challenging time in our lives. 

Many may argue that pets are just filthy animals that live in our homes, but that is far from the truth. Pets are helping people in ways we can’t even see. One way that pets have been helping during this difficult time is by simply giving people companionship and making them smile every once in a while. According to the author of, “ Hugging your pet feels great, reduces depression and releases feel-good hormones. It can also help you relax, ease tension, and even relieve physical pain.” This goes to show how much pets are helping people without even knowing it. With all of the pressure that is being put on people nowadays, having a pet definitely makes life better. Another way pets have helped during the pandemic is by keeping people occupied. Whether you’re walking, petting or playing with them, pets give us something to do. They allow us to keep our minds off the problems we are facing, even if it is just for a few minutes. Along with making us happier and more at ease, pets are helping us internally too! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, pets help our bodies in unimaginable ways. Having a pet is said to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduce feelings of loneliness, increase opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities, and improve opportunities for social connection. 

Overall, we should appreciate all that our pets do for us and how they are making this time in our lives a more memorable one to enjoy and cherish. Next time you see your pet, make sure you thank them for all that they do for you with a big hug and an extra treat.