COVID-19 Vaccine Updates!

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates!

Madelyn Miel, Staff Writer

Since the original handout of the vaccines, we have much more information. The main question is, are the vaccines even helping? And the answer to that is YES!

In Israel, they are claiming the Pfizer vaccine is stopping 9/10 infections! This is great news that the developed vaccines are working as expected! As of right now, Israel is in the lead of having a good chunk of its population vaccinated. 

Trials are still underway  in order to understand more about this virus and vaccine as well as ways to improve the vaccine. During one of these trials, Pfizer found that the vaccine could possibly curb COVID transmission. The vaccine was found to be 70% effective at preventing asymptomatic and symptomatic people from spreading the virus beginning 3 weeks AFTER the first dose! This number grew to be 85% shortly AFTER the second dose. This is one of the first pieces of evidence to be found that the Pfizer vaccine might block transmission! This is great news as not only can the vaccine fight against the virus, but may possibly prevent transmission. As of right now, it’s a possibility.

As the days go on, we are finding out more about this virus every day, along with possible preventive measures! This means new information is provided every day from the CDC and can change! Be safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask!


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