It’s Over Hyrbrid!


Sarah O'Moore , Staff Writer

Dear Hybrid Learning,

In September, when you came into my life, you changed it drastically. You were the only one there to help me and many others come back to a somewhat “normal” life. I finally got to go back to school and see my teachers and friends whom I hadn’t seen in person since March. I didn’t have to spend every day tied to my desk at home, staring at a computer screen, and stuck for yet another day with all of my family. You’ve lasted longer than I think most people expected. We all never thought you would stick around this long without Corona taking over, but you surprisingly have. Some might thank you for this, but I am at a breaking point. I can no longer thank you.

Hybrid, this has gone on long enough. At first I really thought you were the best thing that could ever happen to me. But I was definitely wrong. You are so indecisive you can’t even pick whether I should be at school or online. Every 2 days you switch things up on me. It is way too much to keep up with and I’m beyond sick of this. As happy as I am to see my friends, I am also furious. You got my hopes up that I could be social again, yet I only get to see a select group of people. I only get to see the people I got grouped with, whether I’m close to them or not. You are not only indecisive, but you’re also toxic for getting my hopes up. I could give you many examples of when you got my hopes up. I thought going back to school would make everything go back to normal, but no. I still have to sit at home when I’m online tied to my desk at home staring at a computer screen and stuck with all of my family. Even on the days when I go into school, I am still doing work on a computer. But that’s not enough! There are so many Wi-Fi problems that happen when I’m at home and at school so I can’t even learn to the best of my ability without my computer breaking down or accidentally leaving a meeting and missing a class.

In case you couldn’t tell, WE ARE DONE. You need to make up your mind. Stop controlling me and don’t lie anymore. I know Valentine’s Day is coming up, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Leave and get out of my life. We are done, Hybrid. It’s over.


Sarah O’Moore