November 1


Brody Rampulla, Staff Writer

Oh my, what a delight

October 31st, late at night 

When people are spooky

When they are full of fear

But nothing compares 

To the day that is near 


Along comes a day

That shines luminous

But little would you know 

The silence is ludicrous 


Everyone’s done

It’s time for a break 

But not for me 

And not on his sake


You might be wondering 

Who this man is 

He’s all jolly perky 

He acts like a wiz 


Santa that man is 

Santa is the man 

He brings you nice presents 

Like joy in a can 


Oh how great is November 1st

The day where it all starts

Because Christmas is great 

Bundled up in a cart 


The smell of the cookies

The smell of turkey 

Get in the spirit 

Because the coffee is perky 


Holiday gifts

Malls and stores 

Sitting around the fireplace 

The cuisine is s’mores 


But little did you know 

There’s 2 full months ahead 

It’s November 1st

So get out of bed