Fear in Death Note


Isabelle Anderson, Staff Writer


In Death Note, the theme of fear plays a role in why Kira was able to successfully achieve his goal of creating a “perfect world”. In the Death Note fandom, there’s controversy over who actually won overall. Though some say that even though Near and L Lawliet were able to expose Light for who he truly was (Kira), Light actually won in a sense due to the obvious changes in the world’s overall crime and how people would treat each other.

As a highly intelligent high school student, Light was bored with the world. Considering he believed that he had a strong sense of justice he found that the people of the world were terrible. This idea was amplified upon finding the Death Note and realizing it’s potential. Claiming that the world was rotten, he made it his duty to rid the world of those who were rotten. He would do so by using the Death Note to eliminate or kill all those he perceived to be “rotten”. I think that Light although maybe actually believing he was in the right, a large factor of boredom played into him giving into the Death Note and using it thoroughly to kill what would be many people both innocent and evil.