“Food Might Not Be What It Claims To Be”

Isabella DeCunzo, Staff Writer

Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

Are cupcakes fancy muffins? 

Is cereal considered soup? 

Are boneless chicken wings just nuggets in disguise? 

Is carrot cake a vegetable? 

Is water wet? 

These are some highly debated questions that people have been asking for years. Maybe you’ve discussed them at the dinner table, or maybe your teacher asked you one once as an ice breaker. Either way, everyone has something different to say about it. Some people say yes, some say no. Most just give me confused looks because, really,  who comes up with these questions? 

In a year filled with so much drama and tragedy, I felt it necessary to shake things up with some unusual conversations. I went on a quest to find answers to these hard-hitting questions from my peers. Eighth-grader Emma Kelly said, “No” to all the questions except that boneless wings are secretly chicken nuggets and that water is in fact wet. An anonymous 8th grader has stated the same with the one exception that boneless chicken wings are not secretly chicken nuggets. Mrs. Pietrantonio answered 50/50 to the questions. She believes that yes a hot dog is a sandwich, a cupcake is a fancy muffin, and that boneless chicken wings are chicken nuggets. She said that cereal is not a soup, carrot cake is not a vegetable, and that water is not wet. Mrs. Pietrantonio has stated that “water isn’t wet, it makes you wet.” While we still don’t have a conclusive answer to this question, we think we’ll trust our reliable science teachers and their opinions.

My opinion on the other matters is different than everyone else. A hot dog is 100% a sandwich. What do you think of when you think of a sandwich? I think of Subway. Subway’s sandwiches are meat between two pieces of bread. A hot dog is meat between two buns or pieces of bread. What else could a hot dog be? For the boneless chicken wing question, there’s only one right answer. Nuggets are chicken without any bones and boneless wings are chicken without any bone. Those 2 are the same thing. 

Cupcakes are fancy muffins. Cupcakes are just a muffin without the chunks of other food and have frosting on it. Cereal is most definitely a soup. Cereal is a crunchy snack until you put milk in it. Then it is a soup. Carrot cake is not a veggie, but you’re supposed to have a little bit of sugar in your day to day life. It is a carbohydrate and is a necessity to have energy. It is also made of carrots and they are very good for you. That does not mean replace veggies with carrot cake to get your main source of nutrients. 

Finally, water is not wet. When you are in the ocean, you’re not wet. You’re wet when you get out of the ocean. Your body is dry, then your body is submerged in water, and you come out wet. In the rain, you’re trying not to get water on you because it will make you wet. You’re not wet in the rain but you are wet or soaked when you get out of the rain. Thus proving that water is not wet.

Whether or not we believe that a hot dog is a sandwich or if cereal is a soup, we can all agree that food is delicious. No matter what we call it, how we eat it, where we eat it,  it will always taste the same.